Stay Safe with Be No Square Bali

Some new regulations for the studio during Coronavirus outbreak.


We wish everyone’s safety during this outbreak. If you have traveled overseas within the last two weeks or feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms, please inform us and seek medical help. We understand the precautions and it’s all good to reschedule.  


We would like to inform that the studio will be closed from March 22nd to March 30th for Nyepi and Coronavirus prevention.  


We have always sanitize and disinfect our working areas for the safety of both our artists and guests. We provide hand sanitizer and clinical soap and would like our guests to use it upon arrival before anything else. We also would like to ask you to wear mask and not bringing friends or family to minimize the traffic on your appointment day.

This is an introspective time, stay safe everyone!
Be No Square Bali Team

Be No Square Bali