Sustainable Tattooing on Be No Square Bali

We are happy to be here, this is a milestone for us, a step closer to #sustainabletattooing. It worried us to see how much we contribute to pollute the earth with more and more plastic from our #aseptic tattoo set up.

To ensure hygiene and medical safety to our clients, we have to wrap all of our tools with single-use, disposable plastic covers, and it is mandatory.

Such a breath of fresh air to know Avani now produces all organic, biodegradable cassava sheets that is as limber as plastic wraps, so we can use them and replace ALL of the conventional wrappers. Let's start to take care of our home,this beautiful planet where we live in. 💚🌏


We tested several times and applied it to our set-ups, one of our first clients with the set-up was Valeria, an eco-blogger, and her friend Laura, because it's perfect to introduce this kind of things we do to someone who really cares about it. Thank you girls!

 All the wrappers ARE NOT PLASTIC ANYMORE! Free from guilt!

and of course the special treatments for all of our clients like this....


Thank you Valeria and Laura!
And we are also beyond happy that Avani team also support the movement! What a happy day!

Be No Square Bali